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baseballPlayers benefit from baseball because it introduces them to an important part of their culture and encourages healthy physical activity. Participation in youth baseball provides players an opportunity to learn the game, compete safely and effectively, develop physical coordination, and to get along with one another.




softballSoftball is fun for all ages and abilities.  Softball provides an excellent opportunity to be involved in a fun, competitive sport that teaches a variety of skills, strategy, and sportsmanship, and enables the players to make life long friends and understand the benefits of team work.





tballT-Ball is one of the first team sports for most children.  T-Ball has proven to be a natural transition into baseball and softball.  It provides young players the basic skills and enthusiasm for these sports.  Just show up at the scheduled games with your supplied uniform, your own glove and shoes, and be ready to play.


BAA Sharks

Eying up the Ripken Experience

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Thank You to Brian Barca of TrainingKamp

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Trivia Question 1

Who is the active leader with seven five-hit games?  (answer)

Trivia Question 2

Who has the most at bats in baseball history with 14,053 ?  (answer)

Trivia Question 3

Who was the first Major League player to have his number retired ? (answer)